Signage for instance, can now be seen glowing at night with its digital counters of the industrial world, no brick, and the brick-and-mortar business is still on the business. Custom made signboard maker petaling jaya has now become more creative in their design to be the best attention grabber supplier for a company. So, have you ever thought what are the common rules for a sign to be approved for advertising?


Finding in the right location to make your sign visible to everyone is vital as it is as act as a visual communication to your audience. Your shop is located beside a one-way drive, make sure your sign is at a visible level when when a car passes by, and either at the opposite or where the users are going.


You need to be particular with the size of the word board, but also applies to the size of the signboard, but also the size of the objects around it as the size of the wordings. You need to consider how big wording your wording is in the case where it is usually about. where the motorists are usually used. Will the bigger one catches the attention at the other Be wise in your choice for this is nothing less than an art! Have to squint their eyes a bit as they pass by it?

You can go traditional with the pasting of huge banners all around or you can go forward by using the digital one which is now saturating the advertising industry. Both have its own pros cons but it all depends on you, when your choice is going to be worth the cost or is it being widely accepted by your audience or if it can be easily changed as time passes by. Therere, be smart in making your decision.

All the best! All the best! All the best! All the best! All the best!